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Grandma's Kitchen Mailchimp Templates

I'm adding this particular email template to the portfolio because I am proud of its code. I tested obsessively for its interactibility. I wanted to make it so easy for non-code-knowing-users to make new newsletters, a monkey can use it without accidently changing a style/code. In this particular case, like all standard HTML emails, I wrote the code using old-school tables/inline style but I mixed it with the fields from MailChimp's API (but it can be customized to any HTML email software). To make sure this bi-weekly mailing was errorless-prone, I've observed a couple editors use it, took notes and made changes where there was any confusion. This template has been copied many times for other email blasts since I've first made it earlier this year.

See the Code.

Design (mimics the site), Development, UX